I am Katy Bromberg, an artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am an over-thinker, a collector, a colour-junkie, a dancer, a keeper, a re-reader, a lover of the old ways.


I create hand embroidered text art which explores the interplay between text and context; or what our experiences bring to our interpretation of a word or phrase. Particularly since communication is veering away from text which is shaped by our hands or voice, I use hand embroidery to give an analogue finish to an essentially digital form of communication.

There is so much text washing over us that I try to allow words to have the space to linger in the mind or on the tongue by framing them and presenting them as visual, auditory and sculptural works of art.

I hand stitch not only because I enjoy it, but because I think there is great power in giving someone an object which has had hours of human contact behind it. It signifies that you have set aside those non-returnable hours for the contemplation of the receivers existence.

web stitch

In addition to being a maker, I’m a teacher;  everything from online courses on how to use sketchbooks, face-to-face learn to crochet workshops and even Pilates classes.

You can find out more about me by browsing this site and reading my blog.