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Better Than Expected

I am not, by and large, a painter.

I can bodge my way through a passable watercolour, and the enforced oils on paper that I did at my foundation course has been lovingly framed by my dad, but it’s not a medium I’m very comfortable with.

In fact, theĀ  painting tutor at art college could only summon enough enthusiasm to pass me with, ‘Well, you turned up to every class, and you did try…’

So when I half-heartedly signed up for a school fundraiser, (buy a canvas, paint it and it will be auctioned off), I thought I was going to embroider it or something.

Of course, I promptly forgot about the whole thing over the summer, until I got an email saying they were going to extend the deadline.

(Although the last two photos are unintentionally out of focus due to a problem with an Android update, I really like the way they look. It runs along an idea I had to try to take photos which show how things look to me without contacts in.)

So out came the paintbrushes…

In the end, I’m pretty pleased with it, I’m almost sad to give it away.

By the Burn, By the Sea

You find us in the middle of the middle week of the summer holidays.

Summer Book - Misericordia

We have explored the country and the sea and now we are returned home to test the limits of our imagination, patience and co-operation.

Summer Book journal with kids - Misericordia

In the hopes of creating a new tradition, we’ve started a Summer Book. There’s a slight nod to the educational goals of writing and drawing, but mostly I want to promote journal-keeping and delay the inevitable ‘Can I watch something?’ for another 10 minutes or so. It was great while we were away, but it’s suffered a little since we got home and have been surrounded by our familiar pursuits.

Last gasp stash - Misericordia

I did manage to finish my shawl, even though I ran out of both the original wool and the emergency wool just in time for the bind off. I’m hoping that the contrast edge evokes sea foam and not desperation.

Diving In Shawl - Misericordia

As a first piece of lace, I’m very pleased with it, but as a shawl, I’m still looking for the best ways to wear it. Maybe a shawl pin?

Myrtle Leaves in stiffener - Misericordia

There was temporary relief from the willow leaves by way of some myrtle leaves, but I’m hoping to get the last of the willow applied this week. Off I go!

Playing Away

I have a confession to make, I’ve been flirting with another media recently.

(No, I haven’t started vlogging.)

I keep finding myself craving paint, pencils, and brushes. This has only been amplified by a ‘thank you’ voucher for Greyfriars Art Shop which is gently smouldering a hole in my pocket.

I’ve been working on Little Lion’s baby book (and catching up with Dragon’s book) and I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes I can even release my grip enough to let Dragon* help.

As my maternity leave comes to a close, I’m pondering the next steps for Misericordia. Since I’m running a part-part (part?) time operation, the evolution of my work can feel very slow sometimes. My mind certainly works a lot faster than my fingers!

I definitely want to work a little more drawing into my embroidery, but what that looks like remains to be seen.

While I’m pondering, what are your favourite art supplies? This voucher needs spending!

*Check out the finished birthday turtle costume finished well over a week before his birthday!

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