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Playing Away

I have a confession to make, I’ve been flirting with another media recently.

(No, I haven’t started vlogging.)

I keep finding myself craving paint, pencils, and brushes. This has only been amplified by a ‘thank you’ voucher for Greyfriars Art Shop which is gently smouldering a hole in my pocket.

I’ve been working on Little Lion’s baby book (and catching up with Dragon’s book) and I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes I can even release my grip enough to let Dragon* help.

As my maternity leave comes to a close, I’m pondering the next steps for Misericordia. Since I’m running a part-part (part?) time operation, the evolution of my work can feel very slow sometimes. My mind certainly works a lot faster than my fingers!

I definitely want to work a little more drawing into my embroidery, but what that looks like remains to be seen.

While I’m pondering, what are your favourite art supplies? This voucher needs spending!

*Check out the finished birthday turtle costume finished well over a week before his birthday!

Further Balderdash and a Little More Nonsense

Those of you who are avid readers may remember that I made Dragon a costume from one of his favourite books.

Dragon's Costume by Misericordia

He received a lovely illustration from Holly Swain, who drew the pictures.

But it has taken me rather a long time to get everything organised…until now. So here are the two, ready for their close-up!

sgt rockhard

I’m really very pleased that he’s got a whole wall full of original art, you can’t start moulding their taste too young.


From left to right are Dragon’s bris certificate (very limited edition!), my embroidery of his Hebrew name, two prints from Penelope and Pip, and our own Sergeant Rockhard. Then at the bottom, Lucinda, Amos, Bunny and Little Lamb.

That reminds me, I did some drawings of Little Lamb and Bunny that I keep meaning to do something with. What do you think?

bunny web   lamb web


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