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Pieces of Sunshine

This week has been sunny (which, in Edinburgh means impromptu picnics and running as many loads of washing up and down the stairs as humanly possible).

Kipling in the sun - Misericordia

It’s also required a change in beverage format to suit the weather.

Iced coffee - Misericordia

Unchanged was the repetition, so much repetition.

Popcorn texture drawing - Misericordia

Leaves, so many leaves - Misericordia

Thread and Heather

One of my resolutions for this year was to get my work seen by more people in person.

to do

It may surprise you, but it seems that not everyone impulse purchases embroideries!

I was thrilled to learn that a new shop was opening near me, called Thread and Heather, selling handmade craft and supplies. I am particularly pleased that they’re stocking embroidery thread, because I hate trekking into town to get it and sometimes ordering online seems like an awful faff for just one skein.

Unfortunately, I missed the opening, but the photos of the shop look great, and I’m looking forward to stopping by this weekend.

If you’re too far away from Edinburgh to peruse in person, you can check them out on their website or on Facebook.


In A Sunshine State

At the risk of alienating any of you who aren’t enjoying similar weather, I have to tell you that we’re having one of those perfect weeks in Edinburgh.

We’ve been eating outside at all possible opportunities, I’ve made iced tea that will probably be unnecessary before it’s cold enough to properly be called iced and our ice cream consumption has shot up!

The only slight hitch was that we didn’t quite pack enough warm weather clothing, and when we popped back to Misericordia Mansions to get some, we discovered the all the bits of the new bathroom were carefully ranged along the hallway, blocking all our rooms! So we’re sporting the rolled up sleeves and trouser leg look.

What with sitting outside all the time I haven’t got much embroidery done, despite my best intentions. Maybe when it clouds over…

Craft Fair Crazy

Or – No Goats at Debenhams, a cautionary tale

This weekend  is chock full of craft fairs for me!

I’d love to see you there, it’s an especially good way to support Small Business Saturday (and I’m sure we can stretch it out to Sunday without too much trouble). Plus, Out of the Blue and Gorgie Farm are absolute treasures of Edinburgh.

I’m sure you’re all thoroughly convinced of the benefits of supporting locally run projects and businesses over endless chain shops, but if you need any more convincing, I guarantee that M&S will never run aerial dance classes in their food hall of an evening and no matter how much of a bargain you find at Debenhams, you will not be able to feed a goat on your way out (and I can tell you, it would make shopping with a small child much easier if there were more goats in shops).

So there’s my weekend all lined up, and I hope I can help you knock a few things off your list in the process.

Just a quick reminder that this weekend is the last date for taking commissions for postage within the UK, so please let me know if you’re wanting to bespeak something.

Morningside Makers Market this Saturday

Someday, Gentle Reader, I will be so organised that I will have time to photograph all of the pieces I’m taking to a craft fair before I do my practice set up.

But, as they say, it is not this day! Even my camera is against me, the batteries died just as I took the first photo for this post…

Perhaps it’s a good way to heighten the excitement (yours, not mine).

At any rate, here are a few sneaky peeks (courtesy of my phone) at what’s coming with me to the Morningside Makers Market this Saturday.

You can see all of my upcoming fairs here, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!

Back to work…

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