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Half-term Hijinks

We’re off on our half-term adventures, but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing to do.

Here are two rather charming games for you:

Cheese or Font game

The premise is rather simple; can you tell the difference between the names of fonts and cheeses? (Make sure you have a supply of crackers to hand, I tend to get a little nibbly after the first few rounds.)

The second game is called Kern Type, and lets you adjust words so that the letters are just right.

xkcd: Kerning

Enjoy! (All suggestions of font-based games are much appreciated!)

N+S Wedding Commission

I got just about the perfect email the other week.

N & S hand embroidered wedding hoop - Misericordia 2015

It was from a lady that had seen my work at Out of the Blue Arts Market in December and talked to me about her sister’s wedding. She wanted me to make a piece based on the wedding invitation, and was very organised in sending me some photos of the invitation to look at.

N & S hand embroidered wedding hoop - Misericordia 2015

It was nice to be able to work directly from something the couple had designed themselves, and being the font geek I am, I had to modify one of the fonts to match the rather unusual Western/Art Nouveau font used on the invitation (even though the really interesting letters don’t appear in the hoop text).

N & S hand embroidered wedding hoop - Misericordia 2015

I also got to use a new 20cm sized hoop, which is nice and big for pieces with a lot of detail or that need some space around different elements.

I want to start to tweak my craft fair stands to show more of the commissioning process. Given the other constraints on my time, I need to start to concentrate on that part of my work. Do you think I should recreate the mess on the table next to my side of the sofa?

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