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Mr Underhill of the Shire

When the Lord of the Rings films came out, (really? over 10 years ago?) my flatmate decided to have a fancy dress party for her birthday.

You may never have lived with two people at art college and a computer scientist with a good memory and an eye for detail, so let me describe the scene…

We decorated every room as a different location, complete with a round paper doorway for the Shire (the kitchen, of course), the entrance to Moria with carvings (a triumphant moment in LYM’s artistic career), and crepe paper and photocopied faces on the shower screen to turn the bathroom into the Dead Marshes. We painted a huge Eye of Sauron on the front room window which stayed up for months because it was a pain to chip off.

It comes in pints? hand embroidered hoop - Misericordia 2014

Because of this (and a subsequent pie and films marathon), I have a bit of a soft spot for the films.

It comes in pints? hand embroidered hoop - Misericordia 2014

So perhaps you’ll forgive my indulgence in presenting on my my favourite quotes.

(Click the photos to see the full listing.)

Light Relief

I’m up to my eyeballs at the moment – a commission, a massive community project that I’m co-ordinating (and consistently forgetting that I am also designing and making several rather large pieces for it), plus exam prep and the usual assortment of projects for friends and family that I’m months behind on.

So for light relief, here’s proof that I’m a Proper Grown Up.

Radcliffe and Maconie on 6music recently asked for signs you know you’re a proper grown up and I had a wee ponder. At first I thought that being genuinely excited about a parking space might top my list, but now I suspect that buying light fittings is right up there.

We’ve now replaced almost all the light fittings in the house, along with the light switches (who knew I would have strong opinions about a light switch?) and I have never been happier to usher the motley crew of wicker, peach suedette and paper lantern* shades out of the house. Even the hovel got a nice new shade.

This is officially known as the Jelly Mould, Mum bought it for us as a first anniversary gift. Our seventh anniversary is on Monday and after sitting in a box for over five years and a brief spell as a living room light in a rented house it finally took its place where it belonged to be.

The kitchen lights came from Manchester, and as soon as I can find an extra non-standard, non-metric sized nut and bolt combo, I can get the other shade and cage up. (Suggestions of helpful websites gratefully received.)

The Boy picked his own, mainly because it was blue…

The rest came from the truly astonishing Meadows Lamp Gallery. I have lusted after their refurbished (Art Nouveau!) goodies for years and now they’re mine!

The (very) long-term plan is to get something truly spectacular for the dining and living rooms, but I think I’ll have to give my penny pot a chance to catch its breath for a bit!

*Because I know my parents are reading this, I appreciate the irony of the fact that I was determined to replace the paper lantern shade from the old house at the new. I’ll add it to the list.

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