Today is the last order date for guaranteed UK Christmas delivery!

Hand embroidered punctuation badge - Misericordia 2014

My plan was to (re)shoot some work between the last round of craft fairs and today, but as I’d failed to allow for
a) the relatively narrow window of suitable light at this time of year and latitude
b) the fact that I’m teaching during much of the available daylight
and c) the fact that concentration and energy are evading my grasp as rapidly as my feet
and so, I can only show you a few pieces.

If you’re still looking for those last few gifts (or need something to reward yourself for all your hard work), I’d be happy to help!

Pendants - b, D, e, f, h, k, R Badges - C, N, t

Pendants – b, D, e, f, h, k, R Badges – C, N, t

In the absence of individual portraits, here’s a group photo – if you would like any of them, please let me know and I’ll make things all official-like.

There are also initial necklaces, initial badges and punctuation badges in their more official homes.

Hand embroidered necklace - Misericordia

I’ve got a few custom orders in various stages of completion, I’ll post photos when it’s safe to do so.

Hope you’re managing to stay calm, healthy and rested (we’re managing about one in three of those between the three of us)!