I’m going to be at the Morningside Makers Market craft fair this Saturday and I’m busy getting myself prepared!

cards 1

Just before my degree show (almost 10 years ago!) I ordered some business cards. The world of printing was not like it is today kids, and I had to send off a real print of my image and let someone else do the hard work of scanning it in and making sure everything fit.

cards 2

We also had to buy something like 1000 (it felt more like 10,000) cards at a time, and so I tried to make them fairly generic, having an inkling that my artistic productions may change before I managed to hand out all of my cards.

cards 3

Lo and behold I was right, so I’m busy updating my business cards with something a little more appealing than the address labels I’d been using before.

cards 4

A mere 873 left to do! Do come along this weekend and get your hands on a card (and maybe more)! If you can’t make it, don’t forget that the last UK post is Friday, 20th December (that’s this week).