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A Little Sketchy

I’m feeling a little becalmed this week.

I’m at the sketching phase with the next part of the Ark Project and I’ve been trying to use more 3D ways of working through ideas and potential problems before jumping in and cutting things.

I’m playing with some new things to start post-maternity leave, but they’re still very preliminary, so I don’t have anything to sink my teeth into.

But a little quality time with a sketchbook is good for the soul, right?

With a New Brush

wamos book

Ever since I made the Amos and Boris piece,

I’ve been itching to try some more watercolour embroideries.

watercolour 5

So, with the help of a new sketchbook (naturally), I thought I’d make myself a swatch book and play with some ideas and techniques.

I think my favourite is dry-ish paint on dry fabric. I like the way you see the varying amounts of absorbtion and dilution, a nice contrast from the relatively controlled feeling of the stitching (which is a little absent in these swatches).

So keep your eyes peeled for the next watercolour piece, and a wee tutorial in case you’re inspired to try it yourself.

House Book by The Gift Shed

My dears I am entirely mortified, I have just been having a tidy-out of my blog posts and discovered that I started and never finished the following, my sincere apologies to you and Emma!

They say that an important thing about creativity is having good habits, well here is mine:

I distinctly remember thinking (after I said yes), when the Lovely Young Man proposed – ‘Oh good, now I can buy a sketchbook.’ (In fact, there were many more than that, one for the event, one for the dress, one for each bridesmaid and one for the huppah.)

wedding books

I don’t feel I can get going properly unless I have a dedicated book to collect things in. This has been a little altered by the invention of Pinterest, but I still need to put pen to paper in order to think clearly. (About 80% of my blog posts are written out long hand before being typed up, I’ve always just thought better while I form letters.)

When we decided to get our kitchen done it was apparent that a sketchbook was in order. Luckily, I have a bookbinder (Emma) on hand for just such eventualities and we had a chat about what I wanted. I even managed to dig out a drawing I’d done to grace the cover! (I thought I had a fork drawing but I could only find a key, so it’s a House Book now.)

house tools

It’s a gorgeous book, it feels very nice in the hand and the paper is very fountain pen-friendly, I’ve got plenty of ideas to go in it.

house book

You can read Emma’s post about the book and see photos of it in progress here!

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