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Pieces of Sunshine

This week has been sunny (which, in Edinburgh means impromptu picnics and running as many loads of washing up and down the stairs as humanly possible).

Kipling in the sun - Misericordia

It’s also required a change in beverage format to suit the weather.

Iced coffee - Misericordia

Unchanged was the repetition, so much repetition.

Popcorn texture drawing - Misericordia

Leaves, so many leaves - Misericordia

In A Sunshine State

At the risk of alienating any of you who aren’t enjoying similar weather, I have to tell you that we’re having one of those perfect weeks in Edinburgh.

We’ve been eating outside at all possible opportunities, I’ve made iced tea that will probably be unnecessary before it’s cold enough to properly be called iced and our ice cream consumption has shot up!

The only slight hitch was that we didn’t quite pack enough warm weather clothing, and when we popped back to Misericordia Mansions to get some, we discovered the all the bits of the new bathroom were carefully ranged along the hallway, blocking all our rooms! So we’re sporting the rolled up sleeves and trouser leg look.

What with sitting outside all the time I haven’t got much embroidery done, despite my best intentions. Maybe when it clouds over…

Paper and Stitch

Remind me, when I next ask you, that detailed embroidery on paper is a bit of a pain.

little ox update 1

There’s one week until the opening of Here We Are at the Little Ox Gallery and so I’m stitching as fast as my hands can go.

little ox update 2

Luckily, I’ve got some company (as long as I’m not blocking the sunshine.)

sunshine stare

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