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Last Chance for Love(tokens)

Are you a Valentine’s Day person?

I really want to embrace it, but despite being in a relationship with the same person for the whole of my adult life, I find it a bit of a struggle.

Rose hand embroidery - Misericordia 2012

When I was at school, about five of us used to get together for Chinese food and one of those massive chocolate chip cookies you can get from kiosks in shopping centres.

Then I went to uni, met the Lovely Young Man and did Valentine’s Day student style – which was to say that we’d buy a bottle of wine that cost (slightly) more than £3, cook something that didn’t involve pasta and try not to talk about what deadlines we had coming up.

Sugar Pie from Sweet Nothings by Misericordia 2013

Now of course, instead of not going out because we’re skint, we don’t go out because we’ve got a Dragon. I suspect that we might revert to Chinese food and giant cookie this year (which sounds better and better the more I write about it. Look, here’s a recipe, we can do a bake-along).

Perhaps you’ve got the handle on this romantic thing, or maybe you’re a little bit at sea and want some ideas that don’t involve cheap lace or petrol station flowers…

I Love You hand embroidery - Misericordia 2013

All the pieces shown above are ready to go!

Or if you want to commission something special, why not something like this?

K & J Hand Embroidered mini canvases - Misericordia 2012

Mr & Mrs hand embroidery - Misericordia 2012

Your last date to commission a piece for your beloved is 27th January – this Monday!

50th Anniversary hand embroidery - Misericordia 2013

Click on the photos to be whisked off to great adventures (or more information).

Sweet Tooth Season

I’ve run out of apples.

I’m remarkably uncreative when it comes to autumn fruit. I quite like pears and plums and all of the other things I should be eating, but I only seem to buy apples.

Bloody Ploughman Apple – image from Keepers Nursery

I’m very picky, I like them crunchy and sour. Nothing with the word Delicious in the title and the funnier the name the better. Incidentally, I once saw a quite fascinating programme about apples; among the things I learned is that apple pips are like people, every one is different. So all the Bramley apples you buy are grafted from a single Bramley tree in Nottinghamshire which was planted in 1809. The tree is still alive, which is quite neat…

However, in the absence of apples I tend to turn to something a bit sweeter. Something brown sugary, maybe a little maple-y, a little gooey?

Sugar Pie from Sweet Nothings by Misericordia 2013

Buy your calorie-free sugar fix, click the picture!

Mmm, yes a bit like that.

So while I try to resist the real thing, you can buy yourself (or your sweetheart) a 100% guilt-free sugar pie. Or if you’d like to see the dessert menu (or the sweet trolley, which I think should make a comeback)?

Sweet Nothings by Misericordia 2013

Sweets to the sweet – click buy them all!



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