Before we start, here’s a small point of admin. The final commission date for UK deliveries before Christmas is a week from today – Friday 29th November. The last posting date for UK delivery is Friday 20th December if you are pondering stock pieces.

People often look at my work and comment on the patience that it must take to do embroidery. (I have to say that I find it requires less patience than herding a toddler, so it’s quite restful.)

Now it’s my turn to marvel at the motor skills that allow Keira Rathbone to produce these gorgeous pieces.

Hammersmith Bridge - Keira Rathbone 2009

Hammersmith Bridge – Keira Rathbone 2009

Not sure how she did it? Here’s a hint!

My Weapons of Choice – Keira Rathbone

You can watch a video of Keira at work on the BBC website, it’s absolutely worth a look.

Not only does this make embroidery look like the easy option in terms of co-ordination, I’m super impressed that she works en plein air.

So if you need some typerwriter art in your life, please pop over to Keira’s website and shop.

(I feel the need to add the noise of the carriage return at this point, please oblige me by saying ‘ping!’ right….now.)