My dears I am entirely mortified, I have just been having a tidy-out of my blog posts and discovered that I started and never finished the following, my sincere apologies to you and Emma!

They say that an important thing about creativity is having good habits, well here is mine:

I distinctly remember thinking (after I said yes), when the Lovely Young Man proposed – ‘Oh good, now I can buy a sketchbook.’ (In fact, there were many more than that, one for the event, one for the dress, one for each bridesmaid and one for the huppah.)

wedding books

I don’t feel I can get going properly unless I have a dedicated book to collect things in. This has been a little altered by the invention of Pinterest, but I still need to put pen to paper in order to think clearly. (About 80% of my blog posts are written out long hand before being typed up, I’ve always just thought better while I form letters.)

When we decided to get our kitchen done it was apparent that a sketchbook was in order. Luckily, I have a bookbinder (Emma) on hand for just such eventualities and we had a chat about what I wanted. I even managed to dig out a drawing I’d done to grace the cover! (I thought I had a fork drawing but I could only find a key, so it’s a House Book now.)

house tools

It’s a gorgeous book, it feels very nice in the hand and the paper is very fountain pen-friendly, I’ve got plenty of ideas to go in it.

house book

You can read Emma’s post about the book and see photos of it in progress here!