If you know someone with a specialist subject, especially if you live with them, you’ll find yourself picking up some of the knowledge they leave lying about (this can only be a good thing, of course).


Sometimes this leads to unexpected actions, such as the many photographs of paving I took on my honeymoon (our most long-standing flatmate is a landscape architect), or an experiment in writing my undergraduate dissertation in LaTex about tutus (that would be the computer scientist sitting next to me).


It doesn’t all go one way, of course – Dragon pulls out my Pilates mat and announces he needs to do his exercises and LYM tuts sympathetically when I complain that the new DYMO label-maker has slightly different kerning than the old one.

dymo kerning

So I hope that you’ll appreciate following hilarious monologue by Mike Lacher on the font everyone loves to hate…Comic Sans.


Seriously hand embroidery - Misericordia 2012

…don’t read this out loud to your granny, unless she swears like a trooper already!