A Little Change of Focus

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I run two businesses – Misericordia and Killer Pilates.

They both have little seasonal variations which peak nicely at different times of the year.

PhD Comics – Jorge Cham


Last year, I completed my Studio Equipment training and its about time for me to take my exam.

pilates 1

So for the next month or two, I’m going to have to put the threads to one side in favour of springs, anatomy books and spiky balls.

I’m planning to post about once a week, to keep my hand (and sanity) in and there may even be some more guest posts!

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  1. Good luck with that exam, Katie! Love the colours of your mat/carrying handle.

  2. Good luck! Hope it all goes well 🙂

  3. Thanks! While the studying is going pretty well, I’m not so good at putting the thread down (more on that soon)…

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