Chaos Still Life - Misericordia

I’ve got my very organised schedule of blog posts in front of me and I’m meant to be writing about something around the house today… Ha! The entire idea of house-ness seems to be overshadowing my whole life, and it’s making it really hard to get anything done.

Here’s the current house situation:

Where we live temporarily:

chaos 5

Lovely Young Man is currently in Australia for the second half of a two week work trip, and while I can do a pretty credible job of being a responsible adult for about a week, I’m starting to lose it a little. If everything goes well, then I can go longer, but little things (like the council failing to collect the recycling box) tend to throw me and lead to unexpectedly large reverberations (the kitchen is slowly filling with the recycling that should be in the box that is still full).


Where we should be living:

chaos 1

All our furniture and boxes are now in the flat, but not necessarily in the right places. Before he left, LYM and I decided where all the big stuff should go, but things like books (we have a lot of books) and the rather large number of chairs and chests of drawers are lingering in unexpected and unhelpful places.

chaos 2

I’m desperately trying not to just put everything back where it was when we moved out four years ago and really think about where our things should live, so that slows me down too. That and the fact that I’ve decided to line all the shelves with fabric which kept me up at night for several days worrying about what patterns to use and how much to spend. Luckily, I stumbled across my fabric stash as I was mooching about and found three or four lengths of fabric that I bought for something else and never quite liked enough to use. So if anyone ever asks you why you need Stash please direct them here!

Oh, and we only have half a kitchen floor…