Clearing the Decks

I am not a naturally tidy person.

My personality allows me a great deal of initial enthusiasm for projects, but frequently by the time I get to the end, there isn’t quite enough left to get me through the removal of the detritus from the project in hand.

However, the first of the ark project deadlines has been met and my poor Hovel was less of a haven and more of a disaster zone.

drawer labels

So today (at least) I’m embracing the quieter virtues and putting things to rights…at least until I stir them all up again for the next round.

Even if my inspiration has to come buttered.

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  1. Me neither – not naturally tidy, I mean. I’m also relating closely to your losing your head of steam. Just one of those things creatives deal with… Good luck with the next stage! With you in spirit…

  2. I like that. Maybe I should try some buttered inspiration to get my sewing room cleaned up!

  3. i started out not being very tidy, and i go thru phases where things are disasters [perpetually my office desk]. but i do like cleaning up now and again. there’s something satisfying about tidiness

    thanks for the kind words on my quilt !

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