Here’s a test; if I show you my latest tool acquisition, what do you say?


If the answer is ‘Ooooh!’ or even ‘Squeee!’ than you may be a scissor junkie.

These are going to be my Extra Special, Hands-off-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you, Don’t-even-think-about-it scissors. I think I’ve trained everyone in the house to beware of my fabric scissors, but just in case, I’ve made myself a little display/storage area for them well out of the reach of wee fingers. (Don’t worry, both Dragon and LYM have their own scissors, I’m not a despot!)

scissors on the wall

I’ve had my eye on these since I saw a photofilm by The Department of Small Works (Nick Hand spoke at the Folksy Summer School) of the cutlers at Ernest Wright & Son. Partly I loved it because it reminded me of the summer when I worked in a sporran factory (yes, I know) and partly it just made me want gorgeous scissors!

The only problem is that they’re so lovely, I’m almost loath to cut with them…