The World According to Pinterest

Like about 97.3% of the people I know, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.

It ranges from a useful source of ideas to a weirdly fascinating glimpse into other people’s interests and obsessions (from fingernails to family preparedness plans).

When we were planning our bathroom I found a lot of good ideas, but it rapidly became apparent that a lot of people were operating on a completely different plain than we were.

For instance, our classic Edinburgh bathroom is, in its entirety, the size of a small American walk-in shower. Even British bathroom fixtures have to be carefully selected to ensure there’s room for the bather to open the door without having to climb on the toilet seat.

I noticed that a fellow Edinburgh crafter was pinning some remarkably familiar images to her own bathroom board and thought I’d offer to help. She suggested I take a photo of (oh horrors) my bathroom to share and I’ve decided to be brave and do it.

In keeping with the latest gentrification chic aesthetic, I’ve left everything pretty much as it would be should you pop in for a cuppa (with the exception of a few toothpaste splatters on the mirror).

While I had the tripod out and levelled, I thought I would also show you what happens when someone vacillates between wanting to live in a Pinterest-worthy house and being unable to file their post or compost dead flowers. For the purposes of research, you understand.

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  1. My dear, if that is your bathroom on an average day (toothpaste splatters or no), you are far tidier creature than I. I’m dashing around scooping hair bands into bins and hanging up towels before surprise guests can use the bathroom. 🙂

    • One of the results of still living in our student flat if that you keep the habit of storing all but the most crucial bathroom implements in your bedroom!

      It’s much easier to shut the door and pretend it’s not there…

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