Craft Fair this Saturday, 12th November

I’m just going to assume that we’re like those pals who mean to meet up but sometimes don’t manage it for months at a time and then slot right back into the groove without mentioning the fact that one of them is a pretty rubbish correspondent.

Good? Great.

Since my last post I have:

Finished the table cover.

Failed to photograph the table cover before delivering it.

Been to Japan.

Realised that I booked a craft fair last year for this Saturday and that I should really prepare for it.

Voted really, really hard.

Prepared for the craft fair.

Googled ‘How to make political art’

Decided I should just start working on the 40 minute pelvic floor workshop I’m running instead.

Ate a lot of cake.

So I’m mainly checking in to say that if you’re in Edinburgh on Saturday, 12th November you should come to Greyfriars Kirk and see me. There will even be some rather gorgeous-looking cake.

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  1. Edinburgh sounds like a lovely place to be right now. Good luck at the craft fair!

  2. Good success with the craft fair.

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