Holding Up A Mirror

If anyone out there is undecided about having children, allow me to recommend it wholeheartedly (but not necessarily for the reasons you might expect).

Little Hand - Misericordia

Children are absolutely the quickest path to self-knowledge. Why waste time on introspection and self-help books when you could learn just as much by watching the flesh of your flesh stand for 10 minutes naked and wailing about how cold he is rather than getting some sodding clothes on? The latter will neatly demonstrate to you your own proclivity towards speaking about, rather than doing, the things that trouble you.

Bimah cloth process - Misericordia

As a result of my newly-found understanding of my faults, here’s the start of the Ark Project’s bimah cover. I’ve been pondering various methods of edge finishing for far too long, but I’ve decided to bag line it (with large gaps at both sides so I can applique and embroider on the wrong side of the top only) and move on with my life.

Chocolate Chip Muffin - Misericordia

In cake news, it’s chocolate chip muffins this week. The funny thing is that with all of this cake about, I’m finding a lot of recipes too sweet. Any favourite not-too-sweet cake recipes (maybe vintage recipes aren’t as sweet?) would be much appreciated!

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  1. Ha! That’s a familiar parenting moment.

  2. Ha! Well. At least it got you going again. Is he dressed yet?
    I kinda like fruit loaves as not-too-sweet cakes, but often the recipe demands you have the foresight to soak fruit in tea for 20 years first. If you’re more of a spur of the moment baker, this is nice: http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/6927/boiled-fruit-loaf—very-quick—easy.aspx

    • We are slowly making progress to socially acceptable levels of clothing. We’ve got into a routine of baking on Wednesdays, so I could (theoretically) be organised and soak fruit, but that fruit loaf looks lovely. Scones are a fabulous idea, I’m also wondering about Bath buns and their ilk.

  3. (Ps: also, fruit scones?)

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